Monica Kang’s Movement to Preserve Innovation


It’s here! My first book, “Find Your Fire: Stories and Strategies to Inspire the Changemaker Inside You,” is now available on Amazon. Inside this book, you’ll meet fearless #Firestarters who are building movements that matter. Today’s special preview of “Find Your Fire” features Monica Kang, a #Firestarter who never anticipated the way she would end up making an impact in the world.


If there’s one thing that everyone agrees on right now, it’s that we’re facing a lot of challenges: in society, in business, in education, in healthcare … and the list goes on.

To rise to those challenges, we need the ingenuity and creativity of an army of #Firestarters like you. And, yes, even if you don’t think so now, you are creative.

Helping others tap into their own creativity is the mission of #Firestarter Monica Kang. Monica is the founder of InnovatorsBox. Through the company, she has taught creativity to Fortune 500 companies, nonprofits and higher education institutions.

People who didn’t think they were creative start realizing they are — and getting excited about what they can create. Monica also hears from people who tell her that she has given them courage to share their ideas and to try their things their company has never done before because they’ve been scared.

“I’m only at the tip of the iceberg, just learning how I can help more people and in the right way and in the most effective way,” Monica says.

So what does a creativity expert recommend in these challenging times? We checked back in with Monica for some advice.

“More than ever we must build our tribe, work and listen and navigate the changing landscape with them!” she says. She adds:

We need more courage and kindness to see new solutions. We can’t just go back to business as normal nor expect things to work the same way.

More With Monica 

You might assume that, as a creativity expert, Monica has a background in the arts. But she actually comes from a very different area of expertise: nuclear nonproliferation. So how did she discover her mission and transition to a new career? Learn the full story in “Find Your Fire” You can also help spread the #Firestarter movement by sending another copy of the book to a woman whose creativity you want to encourage.


Monica believes that “we become what we consume.” To become more creative, pay attention to what you’re taking in. Be more intentional about the voices you listen to.


We tend to think of creativity as something we’re either born with or we’re not. But that’s absolutely not true. We’re all creative, and we can all cultivate more creativity. You can learn how to tap into your creative potential in Monica’s book “Rethink Creativity: How to Innovate, Inspire, and Thrive at Work.”

Take Action

Becoming more creative isn’t like flipping a switch. For Monica, it started with a small change: walking to work instead of taking the bus. If you’re feeling stuck, try making just one small shift and then noticing the effect it has on you. I recently interviewed Monica about how her life has changed since the launch of “Find Your Fire,” and how she is surviving the pandemic. Take a moment to watch or listen to our interview in my latest episode of “Fireside Chats with Firestarters.”


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