How I Found My Guiding Word for 2024

As you know, for the past several years, I’ve been picking a word of the year to help me set the stage for who I want to be and how I want to live over the next 12 months. This is a powerful practice, and I hope you’ll join me in selecting your own 2024 theme word. I’m so excited to share mine with you. But first, I want to look back on how my 2023 word shaped my life and how it set the stage for my 2024 word.

The Year of Surrender

In 2023, my word was surrender. I truly wanted to surrender control so that I could allow myself to be fully present. Present to dare to do things that I didn’t think that I could. Present to make the tough decisions in life.

Little did I know just how much my life would truly change when I completely surrendered and let things come together as intended.

Some background: I’m a religious person. I grew up Catholic. I still enjoy Christmas Eve Mass, and the traditions and hymns always fill my heart. But I’m beginning to understand I am also a very spiritual being. I believe that the universe places us exactly where we need to be each day. I believe we are protected by our family and friends in heaven who are angels, as well as the guides that follow us. 

My religion and my spirituality both helped me in my journey this year. In 2023, I got a divorce. This major life change gave me freedom. I fully believe it will allow me to live the life that God intended me to and to be on the journey that the universe intends me to be on.

More changes: I moved into a new place that I call my “Pink Palace”. It’s filled with tall windows and light. And, of course, everything is cream, gold, and PINK. I also started a new job. I left my role as a full-time lobbyist for a Fortune 10 company. In my new position, I’m building the state government relations function from scratch down to a public policy agenda #IYKYK. But you all know this girl loves a challenge! 

None of those things would have happened if I had orchestrated my life and not surrendered. Looking back, I’m really proud of the work that I did (inside and out) — and proud of the fact that I did it (hopefully) with love, kindness, and respect for everyone that I met along the way.


A Ring with a Message

When it came time to choose my 2024 theme word, I knew that 2023’s word would be a tough act to follow. How could I possibly top a year that I will always remember as a time when I found freedom and strengthened my voice?

I was already pondering my 2024 word when I visited my mom over Thanksgiving.  We went to my favorite jewelry store in Lafayette, Louisiana, where I wanted to buy myself a new right-hand ring as a reminder of my year of growth.

I tried on some beautiful rings with purple and gold stones. Geaux Tigers! But they looked awkward on my finger. My mom agreed that they just didn’t look right. I have the world’s daintiest hands, and the rings just seemed big and clunky. 

But then something else caught my eye.

I saw a beautiful ring sparkling in the case, and I asked Megan, my favorite salesperson at the store, if I could see it — when I put it on, I fell in love. Then I dared to look at the price and got sticker shock. But in the best way possible. It was in alignment with what I intended to spend that day. What a joyful moment.

A week later, I went to visit my dear friend Sheryl, who is an energy coach and spiritual adviser to me. I had a feeling that she would ask me about my ring. So I quickly looked up the meaning of its stone: a smoky quartz. Turns out that smoky quartz enhances spiritual growth, spirituality and wisdom. Um, yes to all that, please! Who doesn’t want to be more wise?

I learned that smoky quartz also clarifies thought processes and emotions. It can increase inspiration, creativity, and concentration, as well as help you retain what you learn. I’m down for all of that, too! I’m in a place now where my brain isn’t as foggy from my concussion. And I definitely want to be inspired this year since I intend to finish a new book in 2024. 

Just as I had thought, Sheryl asked me about the ring. I told her, “Of course, this would be the one that would find this way to me!” I decided at that point that my word of 2024 would be transformation because I wanted to continue the deep spiritual awakening that I started in 2023. 

Another Beautiful Sign

But right before Christmas, I had lunch with my friend Debbie, my “Jewish soul sister.” As a follower of this blog (thanks, Debbie!), she asked me what my word of the year would be. When I told her, she said, “Are you sure? Shouldn’t it be metamorphosis?”

Well, that stopped my tracks. You see, I had prayed to both God and my guides for affirmation through a sign: butterflies.

The word “metamorphosis” immediately made me think of butterflies. With her eyes big and bright, Debbie asked me to open the holiday gift she had for me. It was a gorgeous silk scarf — with a flurry of butterflies on it.

Another beautiful moment! It reminded me that we’re always surrounded by love from our family and friends here on this Earth, as well as beyond.

When I got back home to the Pink Palace, I looked up the definitions of both “transformation” and “metamorphosis.” Transformation is a complete change in the appearance or character of something or someone, especially if the change is an improvement. Hmmm. Makes sense, but I wasn’t sure I wanted to change myself completely. I mean, I think I’m a pretty cool kid *insert belly laugh*.

So then I looked up “metamorphosis,” which means “a change of the form or nature of a thing or person, naturally or supernaturally.” Intriguing! So I dug deeper and eventually got back to the definition you probably remember from your school days: Metamorphosis can also be a biological process, such as, you guessed it, a caterpillar turning into a butterfly.

I then asked my research assistant (Google) to help me understand the differences between change, transformation, and metamorphosis in the Bible. Here’s what I found out: 

  • Change makes old things better. 
  • Transformation replaces the old with the new.
  • Metamorphosis is becoming an adult. It’s the change of one state of being to another.

“Metamorphosis” began to resonate with me more. I haven’t changed physically. I haven’t changed my character. But in 2023, I have become more connected with who I am, and I have aligned my head, hear, and gut. I’ve decided to live that way every day instead of compartmentalizing my work life from my personal life. The two have to coexist, or we can never fully be ourselves or create the legacy that we want to leave behind.

I realized then that metamorphosis🦋 is right for me today and that it should be my word of the year. But I reserve the right to use it interchangeably with transformation. 🙂 

So that’s it: My word of the year for 2024 is metamorphosis, aka transformation. I know it might evolve into something else as I journal along the way. But I intend to spend this year in a very authentic, natural, and instinctive way. I intend to live with my head, heart, and soul always connected so that I can treat every person and task with love, kindness, and respect. I believe that this is what will serve me best. And I hope this mindset is reflected in the stories that I tell you along the way. 

I also hope that this article is a sign or an affirmation for someone who is reading it today. So I now turn things over to you: What is your word of the year? I hope that you’ll reply to this email if you’re reading it in my newsletter, or take a moment to email me at Remember, I’m always here to cheer you on and to support you and your journey. May you find limitless blessings and possibilities in 2024 and beyond. 🦋

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