Let’s Spark a Movement Together

 All right, #Firestarters and #MovementMakers. You heard me share the story of my Great Me-Set from the TEDx stage. Now it’s your turn. If you’ve experienced your own Great Me-Set, I want to share your story.

What is a Great Me-Set?

 A Great Me-Set is pushing the pause button so you can just be present. It means taking the time to recover, renew and realign with joy. After a Me-Set, you lead and live in an entirely new way. 

As I shared in my TEDx Talk, my Me-Set happened after I got hit in the head by a sofa and suffered a concussion. Now, this is not an experience I recommend! But I am eternally grateful that my injury forced me to rest. As I did, I had the time to reflect on my life, which inspired me to make lasting changes.


What’s Your Story?

Maybe, like me, you were forced to re-examine your status quo and forge a new path after a health scare. Or perhaps loss led you to a Me-Set, whether you lost a loved one, a relationship, a job or even a longtime dream or ambition. Or maybe you had a moment of clarity out of the blue — a sudden message from your heart that things are not working and that something has to change. And fast.

 Whatever your Me-Set looked like, and wherever it led you, I want to encourage you to share your story here. I can tell you firsthand that opening up about your Me-Set will bring you a tremendous sense of joy and excitement.

By talking about your Me-Set, you will also be lighting the way for others. I always say that before you can be it, you have to see it. And, right now, there is someone else out there who is where you were before your Me-Set. They need to see you. You can show them what’s possible in their own life.

So I hope you will consider sharing your story in this space. Just drop me a note, and we’ll talk more about getting your message out there. Thanks for being part of the Me-Set movement with me!

p.s. Here’s a picture of me taking a time out while on business travel. Proof you can have a me-set anywhere.

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