Have you ever felt stuck in a rut? And you feel like you don’t know the way? That’s exactly how I felt when I reached out to Scott Andrew James during month six of the pandemic. Life felt dull, I was avoiding work that I needed to do and quite frankly, I was avoiding conversations with some people because I knew they would see right through my well-practiced smile.

I asked Scott if he would collaborate with me on this project. I would write about emotions that I was feeling during the quarantine and he could write some of his world-famous poetry; I’m thankful that he agreed for two reasons.

The first is easy. Scott was a major part of my team that helped shape, “Find Your Fire.” I sat down and interviewed him in a recent “Fireside Chat: Whatever Magic You Need.” We talk about what it takes to self-publish a best selling book and more.

And the second is personal. Sometimes writing and focusing on a project wakens my soul and I find the fire inside of me. It might be that I get to share my thoughts, I work past obstacles in my head or I am reminded that life is much bigger than the day in front of me. For those reasons and more, this conversation and collaboration were right on time for me.

The more I wrote I found comfort and saw sunshine again. I hope it does the same for you. The air around us might feel heavy today, but it won’t forever.

And by finding the fire inside of you, you are healing and helping each of us heal.

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