Rabble, Rouser, Rise Up

By Victoria Cates, Movement Maker Editorial Team

Rouser is a progressive media company co-founded by three women determined to turn the political tide in Texas. Just a few short months ago, they decided to leave their corporate jobs and created their company, and are now using their communications savvy to talk with Texans in a way that inspires them to rise up and get involved in civic action.

#LadyLeaders Teach to Inspire

Ashley and her business partners, Becky Bullard and Kristen Gunn, met while facing the same struggle after feeling devastated by the 2016 election and being really honest with themselves about how they each could have done more. They spent every spare moment volunteering and just showing up in various ways to educate themselves. Ashley had always felt intimidated by civic engagement and like an outsider in our political process because she thought she didn’t know “enough.” She believes it’s so important for us to communicate with others’ that their unique stories are valuable in themselves.

The three business partners created “The Rabble” podcast. They are activists helping other normals like them figure out how to stop flipping out and start flipping legislative seats. They want people to know that just because these issues we’re facing are incredibly serious it doesn’t mean we’re not allowed to have a little fun while we fight.

Women of Rouser

Passion and Fun

They make it fun to get informed and then provide straightforward opportunities to take action. They are passionate about elevating the stories of historically marginalized people; women, people of color, the LGBTQ+ community, and immigrants. Segments include: “Political F*ck, Marry, Kill” where they explore what they love and hate in Texas politics each week, interviews with special guests, and “Did Y’all Know?” facts. Guest include Wendy Davis, Kim Olson, USAF, “Orange Is the New Black” actress and activist Ashley Jordyn, and so many more.

Known for its fun and lively cast, Rouser is getting noticed by many in the political arena. The women had a big break when former Texas State Senator Wendy Davis shared that she might run for Congress while on their podcast. The big announcement was big for Texas politics, increased Rouser’s credibility and made them an overnight success.

You can subscribe by searching “The Rabble: TX Politics for the Unruly Mob” in your favorite podcast library (or click here to subscribe through Apple podcast library, Stitcher, Spotify, or  Overcast ) or listen online at https://www.rousertx.com/the-rabble-pod/.

When asked what makes an effective movement maker, Ashley said, “You really need to find your tribe of people to support you in whatever your heart is calling you to do.”  She is really lucky to have found that in her two business partners, and they want to help others feel that too through their podcast — whether you’re listening in your car or coming on as a guest to share your message.

Social Media handles: @rouserTX on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook.

About the author: Victoria Cates is a student at Louisiana State University and hails from South Louisiana. When not writing amazing blog articles for #MovementMakerTribe, Tori as known to her friends volunteers with Chi Omega Sorority. Tori hopes to become a public relations executive after graduating. Her favorite expression is, “Geaux Tigers!”

Although this article is about Democratic bad ass women, #MovementMakerTribe is a non-partisan blog. Get involved in politics, #Firestarters!

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