Dear Movement Makers and Firestarters:

Happy Thanksgiving Day!  If you’re like me, you’re reeeeeaaaaalllly ready for a break in this hectic year. Want to know my approach to Thanksgiving 2021? Since life seems to be doing the most lately, I’m going to be a little extra in return. Not that kind of extra, friend.

Giving extra thanks. Extending that nap a few extra minutes. Being extra present with my loved ones – and with myself. Because as yummy as all of the season’s treats are (and believe me, I’m going to savor some extra nibbles), I know that what really feeds us is our connection with ourselves and others. In fact, it’s fuel for my soul. My connection with all of you is EXTRA special to me. I am so grateful to you — on Thanksgiving and every day — for being part of this community.

PS. And if you haven’t heard already, I’m re-releasing a second edition of “Find Your Fire,” on Tuesday, November 30th. More to come!

With Faith + Fortitude,

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