Unleashing a Movement for Good

OK, big news, #Firestarters.

And I mean BIG.

My first book, “Find Your Fire: Stories and Strategies to Inspire the Changemaker Inside You,” has just launched on Amazon.

If 2020 has shaken to your core …

If you’ve decided to finally listen to that little voice telling you that you have an important mission in this world …

If you’re ready to seize this unique moment and start a movement …

Then “Find Your Fire” is the book for you.

Want a Quick Preview?

I see you, #Firestarter. You want to change the world. But how do you even start?

Well, imagine you could sit down over coffee or wine with a woman who’s already leading a movement.

Imagine her freely sharing her hard-won wisdom and real-world strategies with you.

Imagine how inspired and motivated you would feel after this time with another fierce #Firestarter who believes in you.

In “Find Your Fire” you’ll meet 13 women just like this. Some drive change through politics, others through activism or entrepreneurship. (We’ve even got a farmer and a bag designer in the mix.)

These women got real with me about what it takes to be a #Firestarter even amid great adversity. They opened up about their toughest moments. Why? Because they want to help you bring your own vision for change to life.

I’ll also tell you my own story and teach you my Firestarter Formula, the same framework that I have used to launch movements that have impacted millions of people.

The Right Book for Right Now

Can I tell you something?

Bringing this book into the world was not easy.

Along the way, I …

Changed jobs.

Got a master’s degree.

Lost a grandparent.

Had Covid-19 hit way too close to home.

Got hit by a sofa and suffered a traumatic brain injury. (Yes, really.)

But I never gave up because I believed so strongly in the need for this book.

And now I believe it’s arriving at a perfect time. The world needs a new generation of leaders more than ever.

Leaders like you.

Join the Movement

So let’s build this movement together. Help me make “Find Your Fire” a #1 New Release on Amazon. Pick up a copy for yourself, and send one to another #Firestarter you want to encourage. Connect with me on social media to share your insights and “aha!” moments as you read.

This is your time. And “Find Your Fire” is your guidebook to the journey ahead.

We’ve got this, y’all. So let’s get started.

Order your copy now.


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