“When the light within you shines brightly, it brings hope where there is despair.”  

-Terri Broussard Williams


The disappointment you feel won’t last forever.

The grief you experience will make you stronger.

The emptiness around you will eventually disappear.


Show up for yourself. Be the Light.

Stand tall for those you love. Be the Light.

Smile big for all of humanity. Be the Light.


We might feel heavy right now, 

but there’s one thing that connects each of us:

a desire for brighter and better days.

Let’s choose to use this energy 

as a force for good.


Over the next two months, I will share uplifting content curated just for you, #Firestarter. This content is from around the world and is intended to #BeTheLight you need to weather the storm around us.  A movement isn’t built by just one person, so we invite you to share (via social media) what you are doing to make someone smile, give hope, spread kindness or just get through the day.  And when you do, use the hashtag #BeTheLight.


Let’s start a movement to bring optimism, positivity or kindness to the world today.


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