It’s International Women’s Day

Lafayette, Louisiana is a place like no other.

In fact, studies have called it, “The Happiest City in the Country.” It’s a place where gumbo is flavorful and not a bowl of roux and flour.

It’s a place where women are strong, faithful and full of fortitude. It’s the place I call my hometown.

When I think of International Women’s Day, I immediately think of all the strong women in my family who are from Acadiana including my mother and two grandmothers. They were committed community servants—leaders who turned moments into movements.

It’s also a day to express gratitude to the female #firestarters who live with real grace each day.

Take a moment today to show a woman you care about that they matter to you:

1. Send them a love note: A simple text or handwritten note can go a long way.

2. Cheer her on: By celebrating success, we’re building a movement of community and reminding women that we are powerful.

3. Support her: Donate a gift to a non-profit in her name through In Lieu or purchase this new necklace where 10% of all purchased will be given to Junior League, an organization that empowers women around the world. Even better, use the code MovementMaker for 15% off. Or send her a Seat the Table shirt from the #MovementMakerTribe!

Thank you to each of you. Whether you’re a female #firestarter or a male ally, the work you do matters. You are helping to turn moments into movements each day.

PS. Thank you to IBM who asked me to serve as their International Women’s Day keynote address. It was fun to share my story! Here‘s more from today’s talk.

With faith and fortitude,

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