Sweating to the Oldies

As an adult, I often tell myself, “Don’t sweat the small stuff.” I bet you do, too. Sometimes it’s the only way to get through the day.

Growing up, when a boy liked us, we would say, “He was sweating me.” A lot of times it meant receiving favorable attention.

Today, I’m going to celebrate by sweating…sweating myself but in a good way (clearly, I’m laughing).

You Inspire Me

Last week, the number of people that have read my Medium articles surpassed 2,200 and in less than 20 days. I was never an A student in math, but nearly half of my Facebook friends have read these articles.

I really don’t know what to say but that I’m speechless…and I’m rarely speechless.

I’m not sure what I expected when I began writing. Well, actually, I might have been a little afraid that you all wouldn’t read anything. And if you didn’t, this is a pretty public forum to FAIL in.

As I organized my articles in Dropbox this week, I found a blog and website outline from four years ago. I’m not one to set goals and not achieve them or to coast, but when it came to this outline I hadn’t moved. That outline became a dream deferred, but no longer.

Your texts, emails, and calls have inspired me. I’m in the process of building a website and launching a blog! I’ll focus on the things I love most: lobbying/advocacy, philanthropy, and life lessons with a side of fun!

I Need Your Help

I won’t be able to do this alone. I’ll need you to tell me what you want to talk about, tell your friends and colleagues to read, start conversations, and cheer me on.

In the next couple of weeks, I’ll share the name and launch date. It’s always fun to let the suspense build.

In the meantime, let’s celebrate. I’m celebrating a small milestone of the number of people who have read an article. Getting started on Medium was one of my goals for Q1 of 2018. What goal have you set that you’ve nailed so far? Let’s celebrate that, too!

Have you hit the pause button on your goals for the new year? I have several friends with slow or false starts. Here’s my advice: don’t let fear from failures of the past defer your dreams and possibilities for the present. List your goal below and I’ll check in to see if you #nailedit!

Fears=small stuff. Now that’s the kind of small stuff you don’t sweat!

PS. My Instagram followers found out a week ago that I am launching a blog. Follow me on Instagram for lots of fun and inspirational quotes. You might also get to see me play skee ball every now and again!

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