Did I Make the Internet Crash?


“What is the use of living, if it be not to strive for noble causes?”

– Sir Winston Churchill (1874-1965), former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, British military hero, writer and painter.


Overwhelmed. That’s how I would describe the moment I looked back at my Facebook post from November 21st.

When many think of the definition of overwhelmed they immediately think of the negative side of the definition: bury or drown beneath a huge mass. That’s not quite what I was feeling while reading your comments. The twin definition or positive perspective for overwhelm is to have a strong emotional effect on and that’s what you each did for me.

I talk about finding myself in 2017, and one of those moments was realizing that my voice could help others, as well as myself. Every single comment I read in reaction to what I wrote was a reminder of that power.

Leveraging My Personality

Okay, let’s get to work. I’m an introvert in its purest way (shocker, right?), and I’ll share more on that later. One of the things I struggle with is vulnerability, and if you read my original post, you’d have no clue. I haven’t studied it as much as many my contemporaries have (I own all of Brené Brown’s books, but haven’t cracked into them yet). The things I was exposed to in 2017 helped me get there while allowing me to shift my perspective on life. I say that because there is hope for you if it’s a shift you desire to make.

What I find to be fascinating is when I unconsciously couple vulnerability with my work as a lobbyist, either talking to lawmakers or a strategic partner, magic happens. It’s something that I’d like to have a conversation about with those of you who are changemakers. Here’s what I think is the cool part: I truly haven’t studied it, so its something we can do together! It’s also something we can learn from those of you who know all about it!

I heard from so many of you through texts, direct messages, or comments. Sincerely, I was overwhelmed. A couple of you told me the post made you cry. Several others called me brave (I didn’t even consider that as an option while writing. To me, truth is truth.), and others wanted more.

A Call For Change

So, I’m all in. I’m all into creating a space where we can talk about things such as vulnerability while building movements that allow call for change. Whether it’s an issue-based campaign, a Junior League project, or a community service project, these are skills and competencies that are needed to #GetYourShineOn.

Tell me what else would be helpful for you to know more about? What things to do you need to be a catalyst of change in your community? How can you use your life to further noble causes? Let me know and I’ll incorporate it into these conversations as we move forward.

I don’t know what will come next, but I’m up for letting you lead the direction.

  1. Getting back to being overwhelmed on the day following my post, I told my best friend that I felt like Beyoncé when she broke the Internet with her baby picture. YYAASS! I’ve also decided that I’ll write a follow up post on November 21, 2018. It’ll be fun to see how YOU help me grow and where this journey takes US.

Till next time!


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