Have a Merry *Movement Maker* Holiday

Be Merry.
Be Bright.
You’re a Movement Makers’ Delight.

I couldn’t help but write a cheesy poem; it’s been that kind of year! I’m a little extra in all the ways this year— extra grateful, extra appreciative, extra cheerful. Be sure to get to the end of this message for some extra holiday gifts!

It’s a year where I’ll be counting my blessings twice and you are among them. Thank you for helping me build, support, and amplify movements for social good. My world (and Movement Maker Collective) wouldn’t exist without you.

May your holiday be filled with joy and wonder!

In the spirit of giving, I have two-holiday gifts for you. Download the Merry Movement Maker Playlist on Spotify for some tunes or if you rather read, download my first e-book “The Fire Inside of You.”



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