It’s here! My first book, “Find Your Fire: Stories and Strategies to Inspire the Changemaker Inside You,” is now available on Amazon. Inside this book, you’ll meet fearless #Firestarters who are building movements that matter. Today’s special preview of “Find Your Fire” features Tishaura Jones, a #Firestarter who discovered that public service is in her blood.

Tishaura Jones’ father served as comptroller for the city of St. Louis. But that doesn’t mean she grew up aspiring to hold office. 

“I never really thought that I would get into politics. You never want to do what your parents do,” she says with a laugh.

But opportunity came to find her. A committeeperson spot became open for the city’s 8th Ward, and she was asked to fill the volunteer role.

“And it was that appointment that sort of awakened some latent DNA in my genetic makeup,” she says. “I started meeting a whole host of people and seeing how politics changes lives, if done the right way.”

Since then, Tishaura has changed many lives through exciting programs like College Kids, which sets up a savings account with $50 for every kindergartner in St. Louis public schools.

Every little bit helps. Even having less than $500 saved dramatically increases a child’s chances of enrolling in and graduating from college someday. And then there’s something you can’t put a dollar value on: Just knowing that city leaders care about their future gives kids hope and encouragement, Tishaura says. 

There have been challenges and setbacks on the way. But they’re not enough to dampen the spark of this #Firestarter. As Tishaura says in “Find Your Fire”:

I want other women of color to see from my example that it is OK to be your authentic self. It’s OK to say no to things you don’t want to do and that don’t sit right with your spirit.

More With Tishaura

What does Tishaura see in the future — for both herself and for the city of St. Louis? In “Find Your Fire,” she takes an inspiring look ahead. Know another #Firestarter whose voice needs to be heard? Send her a copy, too. 


Honest advice is priceless. Like so many other women featured in my book, Tishaura affirms that #Firestarters need mentors — and not just at the beginning of their career. She deeply values the people in her life today who can answer her questions and who can give it to her straight.


This year, we’ve seen how important it is to be informed about your public dollars are used on the local level. For example, in your city, how much money goes to law enforcement vs. mental health and substance abuse programs?

Take Action

Spoiler alert: Tishaura was recently sworn in as the first Black Mayor of the City of St. Louis. She credits her victory to organizations like VoteRunLead, which trains women to run for office and win. Tishaura is one of the organization’s certified trainers and now inspirational stories. She’s also a fan of Higher Heights for America, which builds the pipeline of black women leaders. Have you ever thought about running for office? You can hear Tishaura’s story first hand in the latest episode of “Fireside Chats with Firestarters.” I ask her what it takes to start bringing those dreams to life! 

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