I made a monumental promise

One year ago today, I decided that 2018 was going to be Monumental with a capital M. I was not going to hold back and I even wrote a blog post about it. I was going to seriously tackle a long-standing to-do list, and quite frankly, I didn’t care what anyone thought. It was my time, and I intended to own it.

Lessons Learned in 2018

I must say that 2018 doesn’t owe me a thing. I stretched myself in so many ways. Each time I did, the universe gave me a confirmation wink. Here are some of the most surprising things I learned along the way.

Everyone who desires to should have an LLC. We all have gifts, and an LLC is a way to monetize them. For years I have forged connections and enjoyed introducing people in my network to one another, especially if the introduction could help them along their journey. Each connection takes time to genuinely build and is very valuable to me—they are people and causes that I care about deeply. Creating an LLC allowed me to turn that skill into a business and make passive income like selling merchandise. You, my friend, need a Speaker of My House mug!

Not everyone is going to cheer you on, and everyone will be in your business. I was shocked when someone in leadership at my workplace told me I was doing “too much” in my personal life and “I needed to put some desires on the back burner.” Umm….NO! You’re not allowed to tarnish my dreams or place a timeline on my life. I also realized that if you have a side hustle, you have to work harder at your J-O-B. People are looking to see if you work less or your work ethic changes. Many don’t understand that you can do more than one thing with great passion. I was also shocked when family members encouraged me to not take chances. As an African-American, I strongly believe that our conservative views on risk hold us back from things such as generational wealth. That’s another blog article, so put a pin there.

If you want to further your education, don’t wait for the perfect moment. For a full decade, I let my desire to return to school play second fiddle to my job. The moment will never be perfect. Instead of saying not now, think how you can find a way. There’s always, always a way.

You’re never going to be all the way ready, but the world is ready for you. For years I told myself I needed to become more of an expert and that I needed to learn more before I could start the Movement Maker Tribe. Not really. I just needed to jump into the deep end.

Be your authentic self. For years, people called me preppy or said I spoke too properly. Heck, my family even mocks the way I talk. I’ve come to love who I am and realize it’s what makes me real. It’s also what connects me to each of you—we see each other in ourselves.

My Focus for the New Year

So what lies ahead for 2019?

More time in school. I went to Penn’s Executive Program in Social Impact Strategy last year. I loved it so much that I’m serving as a Teaching Fellow for this year’s class. I’ll also be a part of the 2019 Nonprofit Leadership Masters Program starting in August.
More speaking engagements. I don’t think that when I was practicing my oratory skills on Maria Pitre’s high school speech team I envisioned I would enjoy professional speaking later in life. I’ve already booked several keynotes for the upcoming year and have room to commit to a couple more.

Less blogging, more writing. I started writing a book and have a deadline of October 2019. This means I’ll post 2 blog articles a month instead of the 4-6 that I did in 2018. I am also a part of two anthologies of female authors with our books scheduled to be released this spring. O-M-G. One more time…O-M-G.

Less boards. I stepped away from several nonprofit boards in 2018, and I will do the same this year. I’m not sure how I managed daily board meetings for years. I now know that didn’t leave me much time at home to recharge or be creative.
Be your chief inspiration officer. I’m here for you, and I’m cheering you on. I’m working with several partners to bring webinars, retreats, and trainings to inspire you to do good. (Okay…that’s where the nights and weekends are going. Trade offs, friends).

My word for 2019 is FOCUSfollow one course until success. I can’t take credit for the saying, I saw it on Instagram. What’s interesting is that just one day before I came across it, I thought to myself that it was time to think of the WOY (word of the year) and decided I would open myself to the universe to reveal it to me. And violà, there it was.

I did a good job in 2018 of creating goals, but at times, I allowed myself to expand them. To focus, I’m peeling the layers back to simplify in 2019. That’s why there will be less blogging and more writing of my book. Instead of multiple educational programs, there’s one big program. You get the picture.

I need your prayers, love, and support to make it all happen. And please let me know what I can do to help you. I’m always cheering you on!

PS. Expect a refresh of some things like my IG posts and newsletter. It’s my time, and I’m focused to own it.


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