My North Star for 2020.

For the past couple of years, I’ve chosen a word of the year to remind me of the intention I set for myself.  This allows me to focus my goals around one theme.

So what’s my word for 2020? Drumroll….it isn’t a word this time, but a hashtag: #NeverSettle. 

When I look back at the last decade, there were times when I was oh-so-close to getting something and I instead settled for what was in front of me. There were times where I could’ve given it 110% instead of 99.9%. I settled for 99.9% because that 0.01% was my security in case I failed. There were times when I could’ve stood up for myself in spaces instead of saying, “it’s okay. They’re not ready for someone like me.” 

So #NeverSettle is a promise to myself to always show up, give it my all and never step back for fear of making others feel small. 

#NeverSettle is the intention I set for myself to take chances, be uncomfortable, and quite frankly, have dessert more often. #NeverSettle is what I will tell myself when I feel afraid and alone on the journey. 

I hope you, too, will think about one word that can guide you this year, that might make your heart skip a beat or help you find your fire. 

Here’s to an incredible 365 days and to the decade ahead!

With faith & fortitude,


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