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Ready to start a fire?
Welcome to #MovementMakerCollective: a place where Leaders Turn Moments Into Movements™️.

You Can’t Outrun Grief

What can you do when loss, grief or change feels overwhelming? Over the past few years, I’ve had A LOT of experience grappling with that question. And the answer comes only when we stop trying to run from the pain.

Meet the Firestarters: The Strategist

This year we have seen the incredible potential that young people have to be powerful changemakers. One of my favorite rising #Firestarters is Lauren Harper. At just 25, Lauren was the South Carolina state director for Democratic presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke.

Giving More Women a Seat at the Table

If you’re a regular reader here, you know that one of my labors of love recently was launching the #MovementMaker Momentum Fund to help turn moments in others’ lives into movements. This fund receives a portion of the proceeds from sales of my book as well as my merchandise sales.

Celebrating Disability Pride

July is Disability Pride Month, and this week on July 26th, we mark the anniversary of the signing of the Americans With Disabilities Act in 1990. That means it’s a great time to salute the hard work and fierce dedication of #Firestarters with disabilities who are building movements for change.

The Great Me-Set

What a moment we are in right now, #Firestarters. A moment of renewal, reconnection, re-emergence. A great reset, if you will. I’m so excited to share with you that I got to mark this moment with a very special milestone: appearing on the cover of Austin Woman magazine. After all of those long months of being secluded from the world, I feel like this is “getting back out there” in a big way!

Meet The Elected

Tishaura Jones’ father served as comptroller for the city of St. Louis. But that doesn’t mean she grew up aspiring to hold office. “I never really thought that I would get into politics. You never want to do what your parents do,” she says with a laugh.

Political Equality for Texas Women

There are stories about women in politics we all know — hello, Vice President Kamala Harris. But behind the headlines, there are countless stories we don't know about women who run for or who are appointed to political offices at all levels. And that's a problem.

My 2021 Word of the Year Is …

For the past couple of years, I’ve been one of those people. One of those people who think for ALL of December about what their word of the year will be. I’ve prepared the blog post days before the clock struck the new year, determined to show my dedication to be a better person.

When One Door Closes

I might have said this to you 365 days ago, “Happy New Year!” One thing is certain for the road ahead which we call 2021: The new year is a new beginning, with old experiences and knowledge to help us achieve our most desired dreams. 

Meet The #Firestarters: The Survivor

Karen is one seriously resilient #Firestarter. Growing up, she got the message she "would never amount to anything." And she was a victim of childhood sexual assault. As a student at Florida State University, Karen was the victim of date rape and became pregnant.

Fashion With a Mission

But that's exactly what Kristen Sosa did. We're excited to tell you that Kristen is the youngest entrepreneur we've ever featured here on the Movement Maker Collective blog. And we're even more excited about what the future holds for her company, BLANK Streetwear.

Meet the #Firestarters: The Activist

Angie Provost's movement is one that hits close to home for me. Really close: Angie and I are cousins, twice removed on my mother’s side. Even as Angie and her husband, June, worked to uphold their families' legacy in agriculture in Louisiana, others were working just as hard to tear it down.

As a Black Man

For the past two weeks, America has seen protests, riots and looting in the wake of George Floyd's death at the hands of Minneapolis police. During this time, I've seen plenty of comments like this online. Maybe you have, too.

The Power of Words

For the past two weeks, America has seen protests, riots and looting in the wake of George Floyd's death at the hands of Minneapolis police. During this time, I've seen plenty of comments like this online. Maybe you have, too.

Shedding Some Light

For the past two weeks, America has seen protests, riots and looting in the wake of George Floyd's death at the hands of Minneapolis police. During this time, I've seen plenty of comments like this online. Maybe you have, too.

Turn This Moment Into a Movement

I've heard you. This moment in our country's history has changed you. And you're ready to turn this moment into a lasting movement. You want to create a more fair, just and equitable world. You just need to know how to get started. And that can feel like a big question when there's so much you want to change. But you're not on your own. As a lobbyist, community leader and a social impact strategist with a graduate certificate in diversity, equity and inclusion from Cornell University, I want to share my toolkit with you.

Why Your Social Media Post Isn’t Enough

My kids are mixed race, yet people always see them first and foremost as black. A woman in a Target parking lot told me it was great that I adopted a black child, refusing to entertain the possibility that my daughter is biologically mine. A woman at a church asked me where I “got” my daughter, as if I had purchased her somewhere. A doctor’s office in Texas refused to list both my children’s races, insisting they could identify only as black, in language reminiscent of the one drop rule. In Montana, a group of middle-aged white men referred to my kids as “niggers.” 

Women Making History

5 Powerful Movements Started by Women   Happy Women's History Month, #Firestarters! I hope you've taken some time during March to celebrate the women who inspire you — and to be an inspiration to other women. When you look at [...]

Emerging as President

What's New With A'shanti F. Gholar? A new opportunity emerges for this fierce #Firestarter   When I think about #Firestarters who help others find their fire, A'shanti F. Gholar is one of the first people who come to mind. You [...]

Saying No to Find Freedom

Clear schedule, cleared path. If an article title was ever going to hook me, it was this one in Elle magazine:  “Soledad O’Brien Thinks You Should Say ‘No’ More.” Until recently, I had a really hard time saying ‘no.” O’Brien [...]


#LoveYourself Movement Spreads Body Positivity Wardrobe consultant Elizabeth Elias helps you talk back to your self-criticism As Firestarters, we're some of the kindest people around. We're in tune with the needs of others. We're always looking for ways to help. [...]

Wanted: Female GOP Candidates

By: Katie Goldstein Passion for Service and Activism Neri Martinez is the executive director of the Future Majority Project at the Republican State Leadership Committee. She works to support and recruit women and minority candidates for state governments across the [...]

True North Strong and Free

That one line from the Canadian National Anthem is something I heard while on a recent trip to our northern neighbor. I can tell you first hand that Canadians listen with so much pride. I'm a student of all things political [...]

The Hate U Give…. Lives

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Split Between Two Worlds This weekend theatres everywhere will welcome a movie that audiences aren’t likely to forget. The Hate U Give shares the perspective of a young African-American female who is coming-of-age split between two worlds. Starr Carter lives [...]

RETHINK Creativity

The Creativity Movement #MovementMakerTribe, I devoured Monica Kang’s new book called RETHINK Creativity: How to Innovate, Inspire, and Thrive at Work over the weekend. Monica is the CEO and founder of the creative education firm InnovatorsBox. In other words, she’s [...]

Baby, You’re a Firework!

This #firestarter is more than credentials I often talk about #Firestarters. In the spirit of the holiday, I’d like to introduce you to a firework (insert eye wink here).  Check out these credentials….   Professor at Baylor University Emmy-nominated Writer [...]


chingona  Spanish Noun chingona f (plural chingonas) badass woman; maker of her own Camino; harnesser of her own fire.   So you want to be a firestarter, a change maker, a movement builder? A key to that will be reclaiming space [...]

Friendraising for a Cause

Helping Others For A Cause By: Ana-Cristina Gonzales, Chief Operations Officer, St. William Catholic Church I am passionate about helping people. I am passionate about connecting good people with other good people and to good causes.  I am passionate about [...]

The Change is Here

By: Jennifer Arice White, Guest Blogger Changing Demographics in the U.S. According to the U.S. Census, the U.S. population is diversifying rapidly in irreversible ways. By 2060, one in five individuals will be foreign-born. Additionally, the Pew Research Center reports that the [...]

Get Amped Up, Austin!

Amplify Austin Day All of Central Texas is coming together on March 1st for Amplify Austin Day. I describe it as a collective action day for civic generosity or a fundraising movement! This year, Austin’s non profits and organizers hope [...]

2017 Deserves a Little Credit

Lessons of 2017 Death. Surgery. Disappointment. Rejection. Awards. Amazing fundraisers. Record setting policy wins. Quality time with family and friends. The Upside of Adversity Or should it be reversed and its context honored? Quality time: I was able to visit [...]


2017. 2017 owned me; it was the absolute hardest year of my life. Ironically or not so ironically, I turn 40 in six months so maybe it has been the moment to prepare me for the rest of my life. [...]

Creating Change In Austin, Texas

It's Time to See Change On September 15, 2017, the headline of the Austin Business Journal read, “This is Austin and this is a problem.” The picture was a predominately white group of individuals. I often say it is hard to live [...]

Passing Policy is a Present

A Gift that Lasts Forever Christmas as a kid in Lafayette, Louisiana was always magical. It’s one of my favorite holidays we celebrated growing up. My family would always start off by going to Christmas Eve mass. My Mother would [...]