I believe leaders turn moments into movements™️.
I also believe that anyone can be a great leader and start a movement!

If you’ve been reading my blog, you know that movements can be as big as passing a law, building a church or starting a nonprofit. They can also be as small as giving to someone in need, showing kindness or helping students at a school get gym equipment.

In each season of #MovementMakerTV, we’ll look at the four pillars of the #MovementMakerTribe including philanthropy, policy change, movement building and the movement from within.

#MovementMakerTV is here to help you bring your movements to life with the process and skills needed to do the work of a #Firestarter, I call it the #FirestarterFormula. We will also talk about how to implement the #FirestarterFormula to help you be successful. #MovementMakerTV will help you find your cause, build a community to help, communicate your vision, and work to see change.

When we create a movement in our society, there is also a movement created within us–we feel good inside, we get energy, and it feeds us; our lives look and feel better than before we began.

#MovementMakerTV and the #FirestarterFormula are here to help you get started!  It’s time we become inspired to do things others have ignored, and start movements in our own communities to make ourselves- and the world- a better place.

With faith & fortitude,

Episode 1 | Philanthropy in Movement Building featuring Meagan Longley

Episode 2 | Fundraising Movements from the Heart featuring Jessica Balladares

Episode 3 | Overcoming Institutional Racism to Build Movements featuring Kazique Prince

Episode 4 | Policy Movements with Passion featuring Elizabeth Hadley

Episode 5 | Negotiating to Build Movements featuring Chas Moore

Episode 6 | Grassroots Organizing to Start a Movement featuring Vanessa Fuentes

Episode 7 | #LoveYourself Movement featuring Elizabeth Elias

Episode 8 | The Movement to Believe in You with Dena Jansen