I believe leaders turn moments into movements™️.
I also believe that anyone can be a great leader and start a movement!

If you’ve been reading my blog, you know that movements can be as big as passing a law, building a church or starting a nonprofit. They can also be as small as giving to someone in need, showing kindness or helping students at a school get gym equipment.

In each season of #MovementMakerTV, we’ll look at the four pillars of the #MovementMaker including philanthropy, policy change, movement building and the movement from within.

#MovementMakerTV is here to help you bring your movements to life with the process and skills needed to do the work of a #Firestarter, I call it the #FirestarterFormula. We will also talk about how to implement the #FirestarterFormula to help you be successful. #MovementMakerTV will help you find your cause, build a community to help, communicate your vision, and work to see change.

When we create a movement in our society, there is also a movement created within us–we feel good inside, we get energy, and it feeds us; our lives look and feel better than before we began.

#MovementMakerTV and the #FirestarterFormula are here to help you get started!  It’s time we become inspired to do things others have ignored, and start movements in our own communities to make ourselves- and the world- a better place.

With faith & fortitude,

MovementMakerTV is back with a new series entitled, “Fireside Chats with Firestarters.”

Based on the #1 Amazon New Release and #1 Women in Politics Best Seller, “Find Your Fire,” Terri Broussard Williams introduces you to the changemakers who are a part of the book. We’ll learn their most intimate stories, strategies and successful tools.

Fireside Chats with #Firestarters | Lauren Harper

Fireside Chats with #Firestarters | Mayor Tishaura Jones

Fireside Chat with Karen Hansen: The Survivor

Fireside Chat with Scott Andrew James, Honorary Firestarter + Publishing Coach

Fireside Chat with Rina Shah, The Trailblazer

Fireside Chat with Monica H. Kang, The Social Entrepreneur

Fireside Chat with Angie Provost, The Activist

Movement Maker TV | Salons That Inspire

Are you a #Firestarter looking for the tools needed to build, support or amplify a movement in today’s world? Salons That Inspire will educate you on current events and prepare you to take the first step. These salons will also dig into the Firestarter Formula that you’ve learned from Terri’s best selling book, “Find Your Fire.”

Salons that inspire: Leading Locally

Salons that inspire: Women’s Suffrage Movement

Salons that inspire: The Harris Effect

Salons that inspire: Diversity in Non Profits

Salons that inspire: Diversity in Data

Movement Maker TV | Season 1

Episode 1 | Philanthropy in Movement Building featuring Meagan Longley

Episode 2 | Fundraising Movements from the Heart featuring Jessica Balladares

Episode 3 | Overcoming Institutional Racism to Build Movements featuring Kazique Prince

Episode 4 | Policy Movements with Passion featuring Elizabeth Hadley

Episode 5 | Negotiating to Build Movements featuring Chas Moore

Episode 6 | Grassroots Organizing to Start a Movement featuring Vanessa Fuentes

Episode 7 | #LoveYourself Movement featuring Elizabeth Elias

Episode 8 | The Movement to Believe in You with Dena Jansen