Lessons on Diversity & Inclusion at the Royal Wedding

I’m obsessed with everything that is British. I’ve read every single Philippa Gregory novel and I even watch The Royals. I’m also into documentaries on the BBC and listen to BBC News on XM Radio. Like you, I’m enjoying all the fun posts and articles about Meghan and Harry’s Royal Wedding.


Now that the festivities are over and the official Royal Wedding pictures are released, I think it’s time to have a serious discussion about the ceremony and its beautiful display of diversity and inclusion.

Celebrating our human experiences

We know that diversity celebrates the differences that are a part of each of our human experience, and inclusion ensures that everyone is a part of an activity. Many of the posts that I’ve been reading in a joking manner say that “Cousin Meghan had a black wedding.” I’m usually the first to highlight my culture’s influence in the world, but the decisions surrounding the wedding go beyond one race. This was a moment for everyone to celebrate.


Meghan’s mother, Doria Ragland, looked stunning in her green Oscar de la Renta dress and coat. I don’t think it was a coincidence that she wore the same colour (insert proper English spelling) as the Queen of England. I consider it a nod to all strong mothers who raised phenomenal daughters.


Music was an expression of inclusion during the festivities. Nineteen-year-old Sheku Kanneh-Mason represented the youth and played the cellist like no other. As a young middle school student, I also played the cello and, trust me, it didn’t sound like Mr. Mason. The Kingdom Choir took us to church with their rendition of “Stand By Me.” I’m sure the tune struck a chord even for those who hadn’t heard it before Saturday.


My favorite part was having an African-American minister from the United States to give the wedding sermon. Michael Curry will serve as an inspiration for what love is for years to come. I wouldn’t be surprised if we start to hear excerpts from it at weddings this year.


Children of all colors had the roles of flower girls or ring bearers. And members of the Royal Guard stood like toy soldiers in different shades. I love it that little ones or members of the military from across the globe could see parts of themselves in the service.


Breaking a tad bit from Royal Tradition was Meghan’s dress. Protocol for St. George’s Chapel says shoulders must be covered and sleeves must be long. Showing solidarity of women, Meghan’s boat neck *almost* exposed her shoulders. She went as far as she could! And her sleeves were more quarter-length than long.

Dance Cards for All

They say diversity is getting an invite to the dance, but inclusion is getting asked to dance. Harry and Meghan now have the fancy titles of Duke and Duchess of Sussex, but they are handing out dance cards to everyone they encounter. With polite nods to royal weddings before them, this wedding turned away from full royal tradition and added modern touches with people from all races and walks of life, a truly beautiful representation of diversity. And I find that refreshing.


I must share one of my favorite quotes from the Duchess of Sussex:

“With fame comes opportunity, but it also includes responsibility- to advocate and share, to focus less on glass slippers and more on pushing through glass ceilings.” -Meghan Markle


Thank you, Meghan for being a champion of change. Let’s break glass ceilings together, #Firestarter!


PS. If you want to see my doppelganger picture of #CousinMeghan, check out my IG account. Think the Duchess will let me interview her for my blog since we look alike and she’s a fierce advocate? Last week, I wrote about another #firestarter beautiful inside and out just like a Princess. Check this article out if you want to read more inspiration content!

PPS. Bonus points: What’s your favorite part of the Royal Wedding? Comment below with your response! I can’t wait to see what you took note of during their big day.


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