Here we are.

A new year. A new decade!

And I’ll tell you something I believe down to my core: This is our time, #Firestarters.

 Time to make a difference.

 To put our passion into play.

 To bring our bold visions to life.

Are you with me? Awesome! Because I have some exciting news.

I wrote a book for you. And it’s coming out this year.

Check it out: “Find Your Fire: Stories and Strategies to Inspire the Changemaker Inside You.”

This is the kind of book that I wished for back at the beginning of my journey as a #Firestarter. “Find Your Fire” will inspire you and awaken your sense of possibility. But you’ll also come away with plenty of no-nonsense, real-world advice.

 I don’t know about you, but, for me, nothing is as motivational as seeing another woman who’s out there blazing her own path and driving the changes that other people thought were impossible.

 So, to write “Find Your Fire,” I talked to some of the most fierce #Firestarters I know.

These women are building movements in politics, in activism, in business — even in agriculture. They candidly share their stories: the highs and lows, the wins and losses and everything in between. And they’ll give you the same ideas, encouragement, advice and tough love they would if you were sitting down with them over coffee or wine.

I guarantee you’ll see yourself in their stories. And, as you do, you’ll realize you can do big things, just like they have.

But becoming a #Firestarter yourself takes more than inspiration. That’s why my book also gives you the tools to start bringing your movement to life, including my Firestarter Formula.

The most urgent thing I can tell you as we begin 2020 is that the world needs you.  Your passion. Your gifts. Your commitment to change. Let’s make this the year we launch movements together.

P.S. To give you a little extra spark of inspiration, when you pre-order “Find Your Fire” now, you’ll get 35% off the cover price and a free preview delivered immediately to your inbox.


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