It all began with a Facebook post.

Last year, I shared in an update that I was stepping back from several organizations for two reasons. One, I felt obligated to be a part of them but the timing was off, and two, the pipeline of leaders at these organizations was so strong that I thought my talents would be put to better use elsewhere.

I also said that I was using 2018 as a year to put myself first. My father died the year before, and it backed me into a corner. That corner was a safe place, and it allowed me to look at my life and think about where I wanted to go. Couple that with turning 40 in May of 2018, and it was the perfect mix to JUMP.

A Moment of Truth

What I haven’t shared before, but it feels right to do so now, is that at the time I was being recruited by an amazing individual and organization to join their leadership team. It was a really sweet gig, and they said something to me that stuck to my ribs as oatmeal does in the morning. I was taking notes during the call (if you know me well, I’m old school like that), and I still have that piece of paper in my wallet today.

“Terri, you’re doing great things where you work. You can stay there forever and continue to do great things, but you won’t be known. If you work on my team, you’ll have a large platform to do big things and really make a mark.” They then asked me to write a job description for what I would do if I joined their team.

That night, I actually wrote an outline for what is now and committed myself to stop building other people’s dreams and start working on my own. For a long time, I had found success by tackling tasks quickly and juggling a lot of things. Everyone at work and in the community knew to come to me if they wanted to get something done.  My to-do list consisted of work, community service and making connections for others. A lot of it didn’t bring me joy, further my dreams or add coins to my pocket for that month-long European vacation that I will take one day.

My Faithful Jump

So I jumped. I was at my mother’s house and didn’t say anything to her nor to my husband who wanted to know what was I typing so feverishly.

That post remains powerful to me and the words on the page that I will never forget read, “2017 owned me. It was the absolute hardest year of my life.”

Anyway, you helped me get through it!

You all cheered me on,  thanked me for speaking to your soul, asked me when my book was coming out, and one person even said that they quit their job after reading my update. Your words were right on time!

Terri in Austin working on #MovementMakerTribe


In less than a month, I was talking to friends about starting my blog and saying out loud that I wanted to do more professional speaking (which was something I hadn’t really owned up to) and that I wanted to inspire others through coaching and consulting. Before I knew it I’d been introduced to a branding company, graphic designer, editors, videographers, and was talking to other writers. In short, I had a laundry list of things it would take to begin my new journey.

A year later, I was going through the most extreme hustle period I have ever been through. Many days I woke up at 2:30am, 3:30am or 4:30am to write before going to the gym and doing coursework for the University of Pennsylvania or catching a flight to save lives through my work at the American Heart Association.

I should’ve been tired. I should’ve given up. I remember being so frustrated one day because my blog launch was three weeks late because I was waiting on a contractor to send me what I’d already paid for. What’s funny is when you’re doing what you know you are called to do, none of that matters. You just grind and grind because it gives you energy and feeds your soul.

During this week of expressing gratitude, I want to tell you how grateful I am that you showed up for me a year ago today. The words you typed in my Facebook comments mattered. The consultants you pointed me to helped shape my vision.

Push Yourself No Matter What

Here’s where I say, “tag, you’re it.” If you’re on the fence about living out your dream, or tackling something on your to-do list or even trying something again that you’ve failed at before….It’s your time—own it. No one will do it for you. And only you will regret it if it doesn’t get done.

Of course, you can count on me to cheer you on. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, #MovementMakers, and thank you again for your incredible support.


With faith and fortitude,